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     Frequently Asked Questions 

You can clean any of our leather products very easily. Use a leather balm/wax or saddle soap with a dry sponge or cloth and rub into the leather. Make sure you give your product a good coating and make sure the balm/wax is rubbed in well, it is best to buff the leather up after you have applied the wax with a soft cloth. This will help to clean & restore your Handbag back to its former glory.

You can use any clear wax, balm or saddle soap. Always check the product you are using is suitable for leather products.

You must dry out your handbag straight away and make sure it is really really dry, (put it near a heater or in an airing cupboard if possible). Then rub lots of wax, balm or saddle soap into the handbag to try and replenish the leather.

'Natural Leather' is a natural Buffalo Leather, this leather is a very tough leather that naturally ages as it's used. There are natural waxes and oils in the leather. This leather has a lot of character and will slightly alter and change in colour and texture as it's worn. This leather has a gorgeous antique feel to it (a bit like a Chesterfield Sofa) and as its used the leather will become lovely and soft, however your product will always hold its shape.

'Fine Leather' is a very fine super soft Cow Leather. This leather is a coated leather so will always remain looking uniform and wont change in colour or finish. This coated leather will not scratch and will offer a little more protection against any wet weather. This leather is also light weight so would be a great option for anyone looking for a light weight handbag/ shoulder bag/ holdall/ purse.

Our 'Alice Handbag', 'Jessica Tote', 'Mary Hand Bag', 'Alexandra Satchel', 'Holly Rucksack' & 'Adam Briefcase' all fit a standard size Laptop.

Grays sell a number of products direct to Equestrian and Country stores, you can view the range of products by clicking the link below. Please note all Trade Customers must have an active business and require approval by the office/area rep before orders can be placed online